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Founder : Banwari Lal Agrawal

RRMI was established on 6th May 1954 by Banwari Lal Agrawal. He started the organization as a sole proprietor. Between 1963 -1978, RRMI got recognized from all the state government education departments. In 1990, RRMI started its own printing press. In 2002, 7 Lakh appeared in RRMI exam with 23000 Exam Centre’s. In the year 2009, RRMI started providing Training and Placement services to the RRMI students. In 2018, RRMI started providing 360 degree solutions to students. In 2019, RRMI successfully integrated with top 365 universities of India and 1500+ plus private limited companies having 250- 4000 employees having net worth of 10 Crores.

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About Us

The RRMI is the only organization which provides 360 Degree -Solution and Learning to the students. From Scholarship and competition exam preparation facilities for school students through SIRCO Test to Admission & Job Training & Placement facilities to a College student.


Our Mission

To help strengthen the 2 most important pillars of a country’s economy- Education & Employment. To facilitate and empower the common man to understand, compare and choose the right career option available in the areas of Education & Employment.


Problem worth solving

Why ? Where ? How ? What ? These 4 questions comes in every student mind when they want to shape their career. RRMI answers from their teen classes Why they need early planning? Where they can apply? How they can achieve? What is their benefit?